The World of Mercury Enterprises

Learn, Build, Explore!

Over the years Mercury Enterprise has partnered with companies such as NJ Croce, Icon Sports, and Zimpli Kids. We have a very successful partnership with all three companies and we are expanding our wings!!!

Our goal for 2019 is to bring the U.S. some new and fun products that have seen much success all over the world. Our focus is to allow the child to learn, build, and explore!!!

Below are a few of our partners that we work closely with to bring to the life state of the art products.


The National Geographic plush animals are not your typical plush. To give children a true learning experience these plush animals stay as true to the real thing as possible. The fur is out of this world soft and the displays are sharp and eye catching at the retail level!


This is a very exciting partnership for us in that all products are made with REAL WOOD! We are starting with 40 designs and will be building this line on a regular basis introducing several different products, Please take a moment to visit our web site to browse the start up project. Feeling is believing.


With the controversy of disposable straws, this is an excellent alternative for kids both at the dinner table as well as Birthday parties. These straws are not only fun to use, but it gets that finicky child to drink their liquids. Please take a moment to visit to see the product in action.


No, these are not 3D lenticular puzzles, these are actual 3D puzzles that are built by both children and adults. Picture your child building a 3D Dollhouse that she can actually use… or building a firehouse that they can actually use. Bonus! a 3D dollhouse has a night light after it’s built for a lasting experience.


This project is still in the works. We are building the line as we speak. This line will get children out of the electronic world, but then put them right back into the electronic world…. we know, doesn’t make much sense, but really it does. These products are going to allow children to build their own working projects ran by Generator,Solar, or Wind Power… it will allow them to build their own piano that actually works. Our focus is to allow children to learn from everything they play with.